Consulting Herbalist

Having studied under the tutelage of twenty four of the country’s most esteemed and practiced Herbalists and Shamans, Doug Taylor is himself a respected and sought after Herbalist. For four decades, Taylor has worked with the guiding principles of both North American and Native American Herbalism to support the body’s inherent natural healing capabilities.

Using his own health issues as the catalyst for his quest to learn, Taylor now works with more than 1500 different herbs, vitamins and minerals. His practice takes him across the country twice a year, covering 10,000 miles, seeing over 7,000 people each year. In conjunction with Herbalism, Taylor practices Iridology, an alternative medicine technique that utilizes patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris to determine information about a patient’s systemic health.

As an Herbalist, Taylor is trained in the unique properties and uses of individual herbs, as well as in a holistic system for understanding how physical and emotional issues affect overall well being and disturb balance in the body.

Through the years he has used herbs for prevention, acute and chronic health issues, as well physical injury related issues. His work enables patients to not only resolve and minimize symptoms, but create constitutional change needed for physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. He credits his clients’ health and wellness successes with the fact that he brings together what he learned from the oldest Herbalists in America with his own refined and enhanced herbal knowledge.

Taylor is the creator of a unique, online proprietary program, “Total Health Response.” This provides an opportunity for the visitors to input their information on the site and a personalized herbal program is created for their individual needs.

Taylor’s book, “Six Steps of Health” serves as an inclusive reference guide to what provides the essential elements for a path to wellness, combating deficiencies and reaching optimum health.

Taylor grows, harvests and compounds his own herbs in a totally organic controlled environment in Kanosh, Utah in accordance with time-tested, traditional principles to ensure optimum purity. When he is not working with clients or traveling the country, Taylor spends time on his herbal farm studying, seeking greater understanding of the nuances of nature and crafting enhanced botanical formulas.